Dallas Boat Show

July 10 & 11, 2004
July 17 & 18, 2004

The Dallas Boat Show is one of GALT's premier events. GALT again showed its adoptable greys at the Summer Boat Show on July 10, 11, 17 and 18, 2004. Because GALT shows adoptable dogs for two full days for two weekends in a row, it requires additional commitment from GALT volunteers.

There were a number of new volunteers at this event. We hope they had as much fun as the veterans.

Many people learned about the joys of adopting greyhounds as companion pets. Some people have never seen a greyhound "up close" (They're so beautiful), and many children got to pet a greyhound for the first time (Oooooooooh, they are soft - and they give kisses, too!!).

Hats off to Kristin Fields, Suzanne Burke and Joann Young for scheduling the adoptable dogs (and the volunteers) for the event. They didn't even mind pulling Mack, Bosco and Gable from the schedule because they had been adopted.

It was lucky weekend for Paris, who found her forever home. Her fosters, David and Cheryl Boeve, adopted her (and failed fostering on the first try). Cheryl's parents, Scott and Joann Young, will now have more company for their greyhounds, Dana and Moonshine (see the picture below of the proud new family).

Gable has now gone to live in Dennison with a wonderful family and German Shepherd, Rony. Foster mom, Cheryl Dumble, misses her, but hears from her via email.

Halt found his forever home with his foster, Bryan Crumpton, and Bryan's other foster, Ray, also was adopted. Ray and Halt are two of GALT's Harlingen boys.

Flowmeister (Bosco to some) was taken to his forever home on Saturday morning, and fosters, Joe and Mary Hoiles, filled that void (and a big one it is) with a new foster, Jock, who will receive lots of TLC. This was Jock's first time out and he wasn't sure what to make of things.

Thank Roo to all the volunteers, Annette Hall, Carol Sahlfeld, Kristin Fields, Suzanne Burke, John Rocha (not only is he a new volunteer but is now Walt's foster), Scott and Joann Young, Joe and Mary Hoiles, Jonna and Mica Mayes, Craig and Karen Humphries, David and Cheryl McMillan, Stephanie LaNoue, Lisa Bengelsdorf, Cheryl Dumble, Gary and Suzanne Cody, Melissa Cody, Rita Greer, Melody McLaughlin, Ingrid Kjelstrup, Bob Eckert, Bryan Crumpton, David and Cheryl Boeve, Mark and Becki Denetz, Nancy Colwell, Kris Schuster, Emily Danskin, Dawn McMullen, Jennifer Kinson, Kent and Sara Ramadan, John and Susie McQuade and Stephanie and Logan Powell (who came all the way from Texarkana with Buddy).

GALT appreciates everyone's extra effort. See you next time at the Winter Boat Show.