Ray Ray

Ray, aka OK Digger Ray, is a handsome black male who just celebrated his 3rd birthday. His sire is OK for Real and his dam is Lakeview Lady. Ray is a recent retiree from the Corpus Christi track with a career of 85 races. He's now ready to take it easy, Ray appears to get along with other larger dogs and is cat trainable.

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Ray is a friendly, laid-back guy who can sleep in front of the TV or in the car on a long road trip or enjoy high activity periods (see his camping adventure) with lots of new experiences; he is truly one of the gentlest dogs I've seen. Ray is not a barker unless there's cause for concern and is very astute to his surroundings when out for a walk or in new places. He is very well mannered on the leash. When left alone Ray entertains himself and can be trusted uncrated once he's adjusted to the surroundings; just leave him with his favorite toys and he's happy.

Ray loves children and will play with other dogs as long as they don't get too rough; he has become a favorite at the dog park with his quiet playful demeanor and his elegant speed. He has spent the last several months enjoying life in a top floor apartment and has no problem with the stairs or elevators. The most surprising thing about Ray is his love of water; on a camping trip in west Texas he jumped in a creek and swam 100 yards upstream to chase the ducks after which he took a nap. Ray is cat tolerant and well mannered around small dogs.

Ray's Foster Dad
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