Sugar Ray is a white and fawn male who is approximately 3-years-old. He is not tattooed, and was surrendered to Alvaredo Animal Control from the same home that surrendered Daniel and Martha. This smaller boy is a sweetheart!

Sugar Ray should not live with cats.

Sugar Ray is the sweetest boy with the most expressive ears! At first he was afraid of EVERYTHING with his curly tail constantly tucked and preferred to be outside. When inside, he instinctively knew the crate was his special place, and it still is. We initially had to put the leash on while he was in the crate and he would then come willingly. After just a few weeks, he is by the door with the rest of the pack ready to go on a walk. He still startles easily and it's best to have a firm grip on the leash when on a walk.

Sugar Ray is gentle with people and other dogs, loves to be brushed, walks well on a leash (not always in a straight line), eats well (is NOT at all food aggressive), sleeps well, crates easily and is starting to play with the other dogs. Sugar Ray has yet to discover toys though some find their way into his crate. His FAVORITE pastime is sitting in the shade looking for squirrels to the point that it can be difficult to get him to come in - cookies usually work. His only quirk is that he likes to dig a comfortable spot in the cool dirt, a bit of an issue with a white dog! Sugar Ray will do best in a home with other dogs to give him some guidance and companionship. An ideal yard will have a tall fence with plenty of trees to provide entertainment and shade. He is such an easy foster and will make a family extremely happy to bring him home!

Sugar Ray's Foster Parents