Rocks, fka Dancin Pop Rocks, is a 2 year old black male born on January 1, 2019. His sire is SH Avatar and his dam is Dali Blues, GALT’s Blue and his sister is GALT’s Hallie. He has 24 races to her credit on Greyhound Data. Rocks will be tested for cat and small animal tolerance soon.

Mr. Rocks is a gentle giant sure to capture your heart!

Rocks will be your loyal companion, following you around from room to room. Rocks is quiet, calm, and mild-mannered, and gets along beautifully with people of all ages and his two greyhound siblings. He does have occasional short bursts of energy, especially when you give him a squeaky toy. When left alone, he has excellent house manners and does not need to be crated.

Rocks loves going on walks and is good on a leash, although he does like to stop and sniff his surroundings. He is very food motivated and eats all his kibble enthusiastically. He’ll do anything for a treat! Be careful though: with his tall stature and love of treats, he can be a bit of a “counter surfer.”

Rocks is a quiet boy and could possibly live in an apartment. He would do best with another dog companion and with people who are at home most of the time. He isn't afraid of fireworks or thunderstorms.

If you give him your love and attention, there is no doubt Rocks will rock your world!

Rock's Foster Family