Blue, fka Dali Blue, is a 7 year old black female born on August 27, 2013. Her sire is Trent Lee and her dam is Chase the Sneak. Blue came to GALT with her offspring, Hallie and Rocks. She has an astonishing 227 races to her credit on Greyhound Data. and had 15 pups. She should not live with cats.

Blue is a sweet, playful, happy, affectionate girl who seems younger than her 7+ years. She adores toys, especially squeaky ones, and she loves to be petted and hugged. If I let her she’d crawl up on my lap. I have a two story home and she goes up and down the stairs with ease. She hasn’t barked or howled except for that one terrifying encounter with the robovac! She loves her crate and often goes into it on her own during the day, and that’s where she sleeps overnight. She’s just fine being in her crate when I go out.

I have one other senior greyhound and the two dogs get along well. Blue would be happy to be part of a pack; or, because she just loves humans so much, she may also be happy as an only pet. She is a little hard to handle on leash when she sees a cat or small dog. I have no problem hanging onto her and keeping her under control, as long as I’m paying attention to what’s around us. Clearly she should not be in a home with small dogs or with cats.

Blue's Foster Mom