Hallie, fka Dancin Halbec, is a 2 year old black female born on January 11, 2019. Her sire is SH Avatar and her dam is Dali Blues making her sister to Rocks. Hallie ran 28 races before coming to GALT. She will be tested for cat and small animal tolerance soon.

Hallie is a sweet, chill girl, and would be best as an only dog in a house with a yard. She loves retirement, and is content to sleep most of the day, though she may get up and follow you around the house if she feels like it. She has good house manners and sleeps thru the night.

Hallie is crated when left alone and needs a gentle shove to go in, and once inside she acclimates quickly. She may whine a little when first left alone, which is why she may not be ideal in an apartment. She is not very motivated with her regular kibble though she enjoys it much more with some canned wet food mixed in, and would love some of your food as a treat! She's a bit messy and does not clean up her crumbs very well, but that just adds to her cuteness.

She enjoys a nice walk - a mile is probably just enough for her. Be prepared for her to BORK BORK BORK at squirrels or passing dogs - she should not be trusted to approach another dog unmuzzled. Other than squirrels or other passing dogs, she walks very well on a leash. I would guess she would also not be compatible with cats. She loves people and will want everyone to pet her. She loves to sniff every inch of the yard and sit down in the nice tall grass. Her bursts of energy come mostly after a good potty and she will briefly play with you if you want to run around with her. If she lays close to you, she may give you her paw over and over. Sometimes she will even talk to you!

Hallie has mastered stairs and is curious about the pool - she may just be a water dog! If you are in the pool, she will likely want to be in it with you, so long as she gets to be close to you. She definitely is a people dog and loves her people. Hallie is ready to settle down and be part of your family.

Hallie's Foster Mom