Neo is a 1.5 year old black male born on June 17, 2019. His sire is XKT Dave Turin and his dam is Desert Eagle. Neo came to GALT with the rest of his litter - Amanda, Aaron, Lydia, Emmitt and Clifford. When he arrived, Neo was heartworm positive, along with 3 of his siblings, Aaron, Emmitt and Lydia. Neo has successfully completed his treatment and is now heartworm negative! It is not known at this time if Neo is small animal or cat tolerant.

Neo came to GALT as part of a litter of siblings. He very much reminds me of his brother Clifford physically and in temperament. He is a gorgeous, sweet-natured young boy with the soul of an older dog. At just 1.5 years old, you would expect plenty of puppy madness, yet he is very well behaved.

Neo is petite for a male, though muscular and dense. He is inky black with a smooth, glossy coat. He has a white chin, a few white toes, a small blaze and a tiny white tip on his tail. When he tries to bring his ears to attention, they flop forward instead of standing straight. He has a prominent brow ridge, and deep-set carnelian-colored eyes. When he turns them on you as you rub his neck and cradle his face, the love just pours out of them. He is charming, affectionate and friendly. He loves being by your side. If you're standing, he's leaning – pretty sure he believes he's a kickstand! Neo's in heaven when he's standing at your side and you're stroking his face.

Like most young greyhounds, he experiences the world through his mouth, so a yummy-smelling pair of old running shoes will grab his attention. He doesn’t destroy them, he just wants to take possession of them.

I have an Airbnb room, so Neo meets plenty of strangers. He will skate away from them when they first enter his space, and always circles back for an appropriate introduction. Neo walks well on a leash and he enjoys car rides very much. He eats well and is not at all fussy about food. He is fed in the crate and sleeps in the crate, which I leave open when not in use, most nights. I crate him when I leave the house. While Neo’s not a fan of the crate, it’s necessary since he’s still young and inquisitive.

He quickly learned the doggie door and that helped reduce accidents or the need for a belly band. He gets along very well with my chihuahua mix and a 4 month old greyhound puppy; Neo plays appropriately with them. Neo is very respectful of the older female greyhound in my home and loves to patrol the yard with her. His favorite toys are fluffy squeaky toys, which he carries in his mouth as he runs. He also enjoys IQ toys that hold hidden treats.

Neo would do best in home where he can get plenty of exercise and be part of a pack of at least one other dog. He gets along well with smooth-coated small dogs, and may mistake a fluffy small dog with his beloved squeaky toy. We suggest an extended introductory visit for potential adopters who have small dogs that are not smooth coated.

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