Amanda is a 1 year old red female born on June 17, 2019. Her sire is XKT Dave Turin and her dam is Desert Eagle. Amanda came to GALT with the rest of her litter - Neo, Aaron, Lydia, Emmitt and Clifford. The litter was never registered and put up for adoption through GALT. She will be tested for cat and small animal tolerance soon.

Amanda is a small beautiful young fawn girl with lots of energy and love to give. If you’re looking for the personality of the classic greyhound – this girl is for you. She can go from playful exuberance to napping in 60 seconds flat! She loads in and out of the car easily and is an excellent car rider – she even did greyt traveling by plane as she came to GALTx New Mexico via Pilots N Paws. Amanda’s attention is very focused on her human foster family and does not interact too much with other dogs; when she does, she sometimes struggles to know personal space boundaries of her foster pack. She has picked up house training fairly quickly and only has an occasional accident (she really likes to be turned out immediately after eating). She has been fine left alone for brief periods so far, without anxiety, though she needs to be crated or enclosed in an x-pen to keep her safe. She sleeps through the night peacefully in her x-pen on a plush dog bed. She is a great eater and her fosters are trying to help her gain some needed weight; to help, she is getting a small mid-day meal in between a normal size breakfast and dinner. She needs to be segregated for feeding for now as she is very interested in everyone else’s food.

Amanda is a very curious girl and explores her new world with her mouth and is still very puppy-like – she likes to move pillows, blankets and shoes a lot! She has not been particularly destructive, though given ample opportunity she will gnaw on what is available; so, her forever home will need to provide her with lots of toys, chews, and training. Amanda loves toys and will pull every toy out of the basket and squeak them joyously and fling them through the air.

Amanda is outgoing and wildly affectionate – and is in fact one of the few, and coveted, greyhound huggers! She loves being praised for being a very good girl. She enjoys the outdoors, and is able to work off her energy indoors as well or on walks. She has not been too vocal so she may do well in an apartment or a single family home.

Amanda has a high prey drive around the wild critters around her foster family’s home – she will target in on a rabbit or chipmunk that’s far away. She is not cat tolerant and might be trainable to live with a smaller dog with patience and lots of safety measures. Amanda really would do best as the only dog in the household to get all the attention and love to herself.

Amanda's Foster Parents