Emmitt is a 1.5 year old black male born on June 17, 2019. His sire is XKT Dave Turin and his dam is Desert Eagle. Aaron came to GALT with the rest of his litter - Amanda, Neo, Lydia, Aaron and Clifford. Emmitt arrived heartworm positive, but after several months of treatment, he is rid of them! Emmitt is cat and small dog tolerant.

Emmitt is a beautiful almost 2 year old male with a short shiny black coat and a wonderful personality. He is a perfect sized boy at around 65 lbs and can curl up to fit any bed he finds. Emmitt is very good at letting you know when he needs to go outside with a quick trot to the door or a small whine and has never had an accident in his crate. HIs tummy can get upset very easily so it’s best to keep him on a consistent food and feeding schedule with minimal treats.

Emmitt is the sweetest greyhound I’ve ever met. His favorite activity is following you around the house and propping his nose on your stomach so you can love on him. If you’re sitting down, he will walk up to you and rest his head in your lap so you can love on him. I haven’t found his love limit- it might be limitless. We are pretty convinced Emmitt would stand there until his legs fell off if you kept rubbing his ears and his nose.

Emmitt is incredibly trusting and allows us to trim his nails with little to no fight and jumps in and out of every car we’ve ever taken him in- even the big truck! He just loves everyone he meets and doesn’t seem to know a stranger. He’s not a fan of the hose so inside baths are definitely preferable. He’s never been startled or scared by a thunder storm and shows no signs of separation anxiety or storm anxiety.

At home, Emmitt loves to lounge around every chance he gets. He does enjoy a good run around the backyard but mainly he prefers sun bathing and chewing on a rubber bone every once in a while. He stays in his crate while I am at work during the day and does a wonderful job. He does MUCh better in a plastic crate versus a metal crate. He has been left out to roam free a few times when we are gone for shorter periods of time, but he seems to prefer the crate. Whenever we sleep, Emmitt sleeps in the room with us on his dog bed and only wakes us up to use the restroom if he has an emergency. Emmitt does better if he’s separated during feeding time. He’s a slow eater and doesn’t appreciate other dogs watching him while he eats! Hello, a little privacy please? He’s never shown food aggression towards me while eating and we’ve been working on having him “wait” before he starts to eat. He picks up quickly on your routines and what is okay and not okay for him.

Currently he is living with a 35 lb cattle dog mix and a 10 lb orange tabby cat and does wonderfully with them both. He has spent some time around a small 10 lb chihuahua and a 90 lb greyhound and gets along wonderfully with all of them. He loves to run and play with the pack but is also content just soaking up the sun and sitting at the door waiting to be let back inside. He does pretty well on a leash and loves to take walks around the neighborhood whenever possible.

Emmitt would be okay as an only dog or with a pack and will make someone a wonderful companion. He does very well in a house and could do well in an apartment with some toys to chew on and some walks! He longs to be near you and will take as much love as you can stand to give! Emmitt’s personality has grown so much since we’ve been fostering him and I know he will continue to grow in his forever home!

Emmitt's Foster Mom

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