Helga is estimated to be a 3 year old brindle female who was surrendered by her owner, along with Hilde and Heidi, at the animal shelter in Lovington, NM. All three girls were purchased from a kennel in Carlsbad, NM, that raises hunting canines. When Helga arrived she had low platelets, which after medical treatment, are now normal. It is not known at this time if Helga is small animal or cat tolerant.

Helga is a sweet, gentle girl who just wants a little love. She is very well-mannered and has wonderful house manners. She is quiet and doesn’t seem to have any bad habits. She goes to bed when I do and sleeps quietly through the night. Helga doesn’t like to be crated, but when I put her in the crate she will wait patiently for me to return. Because she is so well behaved I usually leave her loose in the house when I go out and she has done fine.

Helga enjoys a quiet life. She likes to go for little walks around the block but doesn’t seem to want to go further. She is a friendly girl who likes both adults and children and loves to be petted. She enjoys going out in the back yard where she usually basks in the sun for a few minutes, then moves to a shady spot for a little while, then comes inside to cool off on the cool tile floor. Helga didn’t seem to know about toys when she came but she is very slowly starting to explore the possibility of play, mostly by carefully taking toys out of the toy basket and carrying them to other parts of the house. She has also relocated a few of my shoes, but gently with no harm to the shoe. She and my dog enjoy each other’s company, mostly just hanging out together.

Helga’s ideal home would have a place to go outside and lie in the grass, a dog friend to keep her company and people who will give her love and attention. She will repay you with lots of love and gentle little kisses.

Helga's Foster Mom

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