Heidi is estimated to be a 5 year old brindle female who was surrendered by her owner, along with Hilde and Helga, at the animal shelter in Lovington, NM. All three girls were purchased from a kennel in Carlsbad, NM, that raises hunting canines. It has been determined that Heidi suffered a serious injury to her right eye causing it to shrink and lose vision. Thankfully the eye is comfortable with no signs of inflammation or other issues. Heidi is a very sweet, gentle girl. Heidi should not live with cats.

Heidi is a beautiful dark brindle hound with a soft spoken demeanor. She is elegant and graceful, with a very sweet, lovable disposition. She enjoys a leisurely walk, and likes to roll in the grass and bask in the afternoon sun. Heidi is not very interactive with other dogs in the house though she does get along cohesively in a pack setting. She has a good appetite, and perfect house manners. While Heidi is somewhat independent, she is also affectionate and enjoys checking in with her human for her occasional ear scritches, and belly rubs as she looks up at you with her adoring eyes. She will offer her best sit as she waits patiently for a treat, and looks forward to her evening dental chew.

Because of her previous eye injury, Heidi takes a little while to get used to new surroundings; especially if there are other dogs. With decreased eyesight and some hearing loss, she can startle and growl if other dogs approach her at first. Once settled in her environment, Heidi relies on her other senses to interact with her packmates.

Heidi would love a forever home with a yard for sunning, maybe a medium or large canine companion, no kitties, and people to love. She is a perfectly well adjusted girl with a lot of love to offer.

Heidi's Foster Parents