Flare Flare

Flare, aka Rapido Flare, is a handsome 1½-year-old red brindle male, born July 2, 2003. Flare¬ís sire is Rapido Marco and his dam is Rapido Fabuloso, making him a sibling to Flame and half brother to Mingo, Cali and Ariel. Flare shows only one race, his maiden, to his credit on at Valley Race Park on November 26, 2004. He obviously is a winner in the pet companion arena! Flare is very affectionate and loving.

Flare is a tan brindle male with amber eyes. Just imagine this, he is such a happy boy his tail had to be amputated because he wagged so much, banging it on the sides of his crate so much it was scraped up and wouldn't heal. Now that is one happy dog!

Like most Greyhounds, he likes to counter surf; you never know what might be up there on that counter. A stern "no" and he will back off. He immediately heads for his mat when you sit down at the table to eat. He wishes he could talk human, but makes do with his bark, and will let you know when he is bored, or someone is at the door. He knows how to communicate what he wants to say!

He is well house trained, and if by chance you forget to let him out, he will pace around the room and tell you. He walks well on a leash, but is timid of loud noises (big trucks), etc. and will want to turn around and go home if he encounters any loud sounding vehicles. The only time he marks on walks is when his female Grey companion marks, then he has to show "whose' the man" and join in.

Unfortunately, he loves people so much, that he must be restrained or he will jump to get attention. People make him happy and excited. He wants to investigate any cats he sees on our walks, and it has been determined he is not cat tolerant. He shares the house with a female Greyhound, and he really likes her companionship. Flare goes into his crate willingly when it is his idea, but he needs some coaxing when he knows the humans are leaving. In his foster home, he has been crated when home alone.

Flare might be a vegetarian at heart as he loves green peas, and broccoli mixed in with his dry kibble. Well… not all veggies are tasty to Flare, as he doesn't like green beans…

He sleeps well in his crate in the same room as his humans, as well as on a mat in the same room (door closed). He is not allowed to roam at night. Flare is an independent soul and accepts only a certain amount of grooming, and will just walk off when he is tired of it. Smart guy! He seems to tolerate ear cleaning better, but it does feel kind of good to get those ears rubbed. We always recommend doing bathes in the house as the garden hose will definitely frighten him. He likes being hugged, and wants a lots of attention when out of his crate.

Flare is not yet overly excited about car rides; he still needs help to get in, but is fine once he is in the car. He is still working on the whole playing with toys thing. Still learning what you do with them. He is trying though! He chews on rawhide bones, and doesn't mind sharing these as well as any toys with the other Grey.

Flare is a very social boy, and loves his walks. When he doesn't get one, he has these very expressive eyes that tells you he is not happy about it… They say "please walk me, please walk me", he will definitely guilt you into a walk!

He has adjusted well to his new in home environment. When home alone, he is always crated. He can't contain his excitement when you return home to let him out. He doesn't like being alone, but is content with another Grey to keep him company. When he was the only dog in the household, he would display some separation anxiety.

Mr. Flare is very expressive. He wants to speak Human so bad, but will bark instead. Additionally, he will "rooh", and also knows how to express sadness by whining when main caregiver leaves.

Flare is a happy-go-lucky boy, who loves his people. Affectionate and excited describes this young boy. Add his good behavior to that, and you cannot go wrong with our boy Flare.

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