Flame Flame

Flame, aka Rapido Flaming, is a good-looking 1½-year-old red brindle male, born July 2, 2003. Flame's sire is Rapido Marco and his dam is Rapido Fabuloso, making him a sibling to Flare and half brother to Mingo, Cali and Ariel. Flame does not show any races to his credit on Flame is very loving and friendly. He is not small animal tolerant.

Flame is a red brindle male with remarkably handsome dark markings on his face. He is truly gorgeous! He is such a happy guy that his tail had to be cropped - too much wagging created injuries that wouldn't heal. With or without a tail, he is just as happy, and has taken to wagging his whole body when he is excited! Quite the sight!

His house manners are very good, except for the few times he gets into things he shouldn't... He will try to counter surf from time to time, but responds quickly to a no. Flame is potty trained, and will go to the back door when he needs to go outside. If we don't notice him by the door, he will come to us and poke us. Smart boy! Flame is a good sleeper and even if other dogs get up, he stays put. He likes to sleep on his doggie bed in the master bedroom.

As Flame is a young boy, he stays very alert on his walks. Lots of things spark his interest and curiosity. Flame is very interested in all other animals… and he likes to play with dogs his size. He is fearless! As Flame still acts like a playful child, he would do fine with children big enough that he could bump into them without any harm… as that could happen when he gets really excited. He is too playful for the really small child…

Flame loves his treats and will stand and wait for more. He is currently fed in his crate, but treats are handed out freely around the other three greyhounds, and he has shown no reason for us to worry about any type of food aggression. The boy just wants more treats!


He stays calm and collected while handled for grooming or medical attention. He is a little hesitant about getting his nails clipped, but once he decides to lay down he will stay calm with encouragement while we clip his nails. Part of Flame's young playfulness is that he likes to take your hand or arm in his mouth, and give little love nibbles. He will stop when you tell him to. When he tries to do this to the other dogs, we tell him no, as you never know what the other dogs think of that. We know he is playing, but they might not appreciate it as much as Flame does…

He likes toys, especially new ones that squeak. Will throw them around and run around the house with them in his mouth, to finally bring them to his dog bed and nap with them. How cute is that?

Flame is very friendly and affectionate. He likes to rub his face on your leg or in your lap. He loves to be petted and comes running if you call his name. He adjusts very quickly to new environments and people, just a super outgoing and pleasant boy.

The best time of the day is when we get home from work. He is beside himself with happiness and can't decide if he wants to go outside or stay with us and get petted. This is his most active time of the day. He is the first foster we have had that "roos" sometimes when we are bringing his dinner to him. It is the cutest thing you ever saw!

Flame is a gentle and playful boy and his best characteristic is that he loves people. He stays close to us at all times if given the opportunity. He is very affectionate and attentive; he knows where his people are at all times. When he first meets someone, he tends to "bow" after the person first touches him, don't know why, but it is very cute. Come and meet Flame for yourself and see how much he loves people. He is truly a beautiful and vibrant Greyhound. He exudes a love of life that is contagious. He might be just the right companion for you!

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