Ariel Ariel

Ariel, aka Rapido Ariel, is a beautiful petite almost 2-year-old black female born April 5, 2003. Her sire is Rapido Marco and her dam is Rapido Ebony. She and Cali, along with Mingo, Flame and Flare, are half siblings, all sharing the same sire, Rapido Marco. Ariel did not race professionally, as her demeanor does not make her a competitor. She is very friendly and affectionate and gets along well with other greyhounds. Her tail never stops wagging! It is not known at this time if Ariel is small animal or cat tolerant.

This girls answers to Ariel, or "Miss Ariel." Ariel sports a beautiful black tuxedo, with white markings on her chest and hind feet. She is a very pretty girl. She initially tried to counter surf (actually caught a nice steak), but gave it up when she was promised that it would be grilled and she could share it with BlueJay, her foster brother. She loves to 'borrow' my slippers or a shirt that she keeps near her crate. Her potty behavior is great, she is a perfect lady. She waits until she goes outside into the yard or on a walk before relieving herself.

Ariel is a very gentle little girl and walks wonderfully on a leash. She quickly became socially attached to BlueJay and appears to be his shadow whenever they play or go for a walk. She enjoys outdoor time and becomes quite playful once outside

Ariel loves "human types," and is very proud of her surroundings, especially when she is behind our iron gate. She seldom barks except when BlueJay "speaks" to a passing dog in the park that gets too close to his backyard. She is fantastic with the crate. Upon hearing the word "crate" she immediately heads into it. She originally slept in the crate with the door closed and locked, now she is free to come and go as she pleases, but she still recognizes the crate as "her home".

Ariel is a gentle (I did not say quiet) eater and loves to get a treat. She relishes her small bowl of vanilla yogurt 2-3 mornings a week and enjoys her evening meal with shredded cheddar cheese mixed throughout her food.

This little sweetheart sleeps soundly in her crate through the night, and enjoys an extra 40 winks or so during the day. Toenail cutting is not her favorite thing, but will let it happen after some convincing; will tolerate bathing; loves grooming, and having her ears cleaned. She will calmly jump into the back seat of the car or into the back of the SUV. If she is by herself, she will stick her head out of the window to sniff the air.

Ariel is a toy collector, she is a squeaky fan - and she loves to locate that sweet spot that makes them squeak, she also likes tennis balls and soft toys. She is a somewhat shy and affectionate hound with the most heart-opening eyes! Loves to have her belly rubbed when she cockroaches.

She was quick to adjust to home life; learned to climb stairs after three or four days. It took a little longer to understand that she had her own dinner setting and BlueJay had his.

She is seldom (if ever) truly alone. In the morning, she lets me know that she will miss me with a "pouty" face, and a whine. Her greeting at the end of the work day is wonderful!! Her tail, rather than wag side-to-side, actually goes round and round just like a skipping rope.

She is a very quiet dog almost all the time. She whines as I leave to go to work in the morning. Ariel will give up a "roo" when she comes into the house after playing in the back yard.

Ariel gave me a lot of unquestioned love after losing an important member of my family. She loves to be the "puppy" in the home, and willingly takes my outward show of affection without complaint.

Ariel is easy to love - just look into her eyes, stroke her ears, let her follow you and then turn around to see the look in her eyes once again. She is gently accepting and giving of her personality and love. What more could you ask from any companion, whether they have two or four legs?

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