Fall Adoption Kickoff

October 21, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007 was GALT's first Fall Adoption Kickoff at Pet Stay & Play in Carrollton.  More than 40 Greyhounds had the pleasure of playing in the enclosed yard, running through the playhouses, chasing balls, cooling off in the pools, and just generally having a blast with their Greyhound friends. Humans enjoyed the event as well. Snacks and cold drinks (including dog treats) were enjoyed by all.  GALT's 2008 Calendar was unveiled and sales were brisk. Congratulations to the raffle winners: Jhon Estrada (black collar), Margo Rye (velvet collar), and Shelley Latta (matted Greyhound print).

Seven GALT Greyhounds were adopted as a result of this play date (Dodge, Custer, Atta, Flo, Nicky, Holly, and Zinnia) and hopefully there will be more to come. Opportunities for the Greyhounds to play off-lead is rare, so this was a special treat. GALT and all the Greyhounds give Benny De laVega and the staff of Pet Stay & Play a big RRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOO for hosting this event for GALT. We certainly want to do it again!!!