Dallas Boat Show

February 4, 5 , 11 & 12, 2006

Another Dallas Winter Boat Show has come and gone and as usual, GALT's greyhounds caused quite a stir. Who would expect dogs to be at a boat show? Thousands of visitors strolled through the Boat Show during the first two weekends of February and there were the greyhounds – ready and waiting to be petted.

As is usual, a number of lucky hounds found their forever homes, like Shelley, Ozzie, Forest, and Bison. New GALT volunteers found their first Boat Show a fun experience. All the greyhounds give a big ROOOOOOOOO to Lisa Bengelsdorf, Terre Roberts, Liz and Dan Hudson, Mary Fleming, Suzanne Burke, Cara Kistler, Christopher and Christy Crawford, Melody McLaughlin, Abbe Collins, Pam Kaplan, John Hudson, Barbara Bray, Sara Bray, Stephanie and Chris LaNoue, Stephanie Byrd-Lee, Linda Radtke, Joyce Walters, Joanne Smith, Scott and Joann Young, Suzanne Cody, Richard McNevin, Stacey McNevin, Carol Sahlfeld, Jim Johnson, Nancy Colwell, David and Cheryl McMillan, and David Cole for giving their time to help showcase GALT’s greyhounds.

During the first Saturday of the Boat Show, some even did double duty at Orvis – Kris Schuster, Carol Sahlfeld, Adrianna and Junior Rojas, Kathy Heffernam, Carine Rappaport, and Joann Young.