Bison, aka Zam Bison, is a young 18-month-old dark brindle male born July 14, 2004. An offspring of sire, Fortified Power, and dam, WW Lenny Lumina, Bison came to GALT along with his brother, Harley. Bison's markings are quite striking; he has a dark mask lined in white near his nose, and his white chest and four white paws beautifully offset his dark brindle coat. Bison has no races on record, but he is eager to sprint into his new life in a forever home.

Bison is small animal and cat tolerant.

Bison is a very shy but friendly boy. He is a sweetheart. Bison learned the stairs and the doggie door in a matter of hours. He loves to play and romp around. He paid no attention to my Pomeranian and loves to play with my other dogs, so he is definitely small animal safe and obviously a very social boy. They chase each other around the house and the yard with toys in tow.

Bison took to treats very quickly. He also likes to chew on rawhides and bones, though he's not quite sure what all the "chewing" is about. Probably a good thing, as he doesn’t seem to be a chewer of any human things. He loves to eat, though he needs some work on his eating habits. There is always a trail of food surrounding his bowl and feeding area during mealtime.

Although Bison has been curious about stuff in the house, sniffing and looking, he has not tried to or damaged anything. He is very receptive to training and responds well to a "no" command. A spray bottle of water is enough to make him respond. A gentle "no"will go a long way with him.

Bison is a very tall guy and has easy reach to most things. His head easily fits in the restroom sink; his little head and nose are the perfect height to the counters. So care should be taken when cooking as his nose will reach that hot plate very easily!

Oh, one more thing, he is a talker. If he's feeling a little stressed or ignored, he will roo and howl his little heart out. He is a cutie. Bison also seems to be cat tolerant. Since I've had him, he has only had two accidents. He knows how to use the doggie door and has quickly learned to go outside to 'potty.' Bison will do well with other dogs, small or large, and playful. He goes into his crate so long as he gets his treat. He likes laying in the cold tile floor or the comfy bed, depends on how much playing he's been doing. Bison is a great, great boy.

Bison's foster mom
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