Ozzie Ozzie

Ozzie, aka EZ Ozsum Ozzie, is a handsome white and black 2-year-old male, born November 14, 2003. His sire is Craigie Whistler, making his grand-sire Molotov, and his dam is EZ Angel Halo. Ozzie has 8 races to his credit ┬ľall at Dairyland in Wisconsin, starting August 27, 2005 and finishing October 9, 2005. He is currently in a foster home with another greyhound and dog, cats and birds. Ozzie is small animal and cat tolerant.


Ozzie is a gorgeous, sweet grey who greets everyone with a smile. He's a typical greyhound in that he is mellow and likes to sleep a lot, but he's also quite playful with toys and his foster sibs. He melts like butter when his ears are being rubbed, and noses his head under my hand as he follows me through the house. He's scared of cats, but loves to hunt squirrels in the back yard. He's friendly when the 2-year-old next door climbs over the fence into my back yard, too.

Ozzie's house training has progressed very nicely and he is comfortable with the doggie door. Otherwise, he awakens me in the morning when he needs to go out. He's been sleeping on a cushy dog bed at the foot of my bed since his second night of fostering. He does well in the crate, but is now trusted to roam free in the house when I'm gone. Ozzie will be a delightful addition to a loving forever home.

Ozzie's Foster Mom
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