Zeppelin is a 2-year-old black male born in January 2014. He is double tattooed so his identity cannot be traced at this time. He, along with Mystic, Batman and his brother Atlas, were part of a seizure by the Austin police department and came to GALT via the Austin Animal Center. Zeppelin, like his brother Atlas, is very shy and skittish.

Zeppelin has not yet been tested with cats or other small animals.

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Zeppelin is still very shy and skittish when it comes to humans but he's making tiny steps forward in his foster home.

He loves being with his greyhound and saluki foster brothers and sister. They have helped Zeppelin gain some confidence, he now eats and drinks in the living room on the fireplace hearth, instead of on the floor in the bedroom alone. He still checks his surroundings while he's eating but with time that will hopefully pass.

We had to leash walk Zeppelin outside for a while since large open space still makes him nervous. Now he's used to the half acre backyard and gets to go out without a leash. He loves it! He's starting to run some in the yard. Sometimes it looks likes he's testing his legs out for the first time. He'll run down the fence in one direction and then walk back to where he started and run down the fence again, it's pretty funny.

He really wants to play but he's still not sure exactly how to do it. His fence runs and zoomie circles sure are cute, and they get his foster siblings attention. He usually watches them run and then joins in at the end. Sometimes he waits until the running has stopped and does a few short zooms by himself. It's kinda like he's saying, do I do it like this, guys? He has some sassy spunk hiding inside, we catch a glimpse of it if he thinks no one is looking.

So to sum it up - Zeppelin is slowly coming out of his shell!

Zeppelin's Foster Family

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