Zach is big handsome 4-year-old dark brindle male born in March 1999. Lucas and Zach were dropped off at the Waco Humane Society together by an unknown person giving no information about either of them. He is outgoing and friendly, with an interactive personality. Zach is cat and small animal trainable.

Zach has been very well behaved since he arrived at our home, not even one accident! He is a sweet tender boy, sometimes a bit clumsy in a puppy-like way. He is a big boy with a big heart and loves to be petted and gives out kisses in return - if you permit, of course. He shows how happy he is all the time with his very happy tail.

He is handsome with his brindle markings, masculine face and soft eyes. He likes to stretch out and groan when he is sleeping. Zach gets very excited at meal time; he can hardly wait. He is a very fast eater, probably because he is a big boy. He has no problem sharing a water dish with the other dogs. We feed him separately from our dogs because he eats so fast that I wouldn't know if the others were getting enough.

He has adjusted very well to being in a home. He comes when he is called. He has just started to realize that he should be laying down out of the way while people are eating. It has helped that he has good examples to follow with our other greys. As with most greys, he doesn't bark much, usually when he wants someone to play or if he wants to come inside the house, then he just gives a single bark periodically until he gets our attention.

Zach loves his evening walks, we get lots of attention walking four greyhounds, each of us handling two of them. He has been sleeping on a dog bed in our room at night (next to the other greys) and acts like that is how it has always been. He stays in his crate when we are not home.

Zach's Foster Mom
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