Lucas is a handsome two-year-old red male with black accents around his eyes and muzzle. Lucas and Zach were dropped off at the Waco Humane Society together by an unknown person giving no information about either of them. Lucas is a quiet and calm boy, who just loves being with people. He is very smart and already is learning his obedience commands very well. It is not known at this time whether Lucas is cat or small animal tolerant.

Lucas is a fun-loving boy. He gets along very well with our other greys. He likes to lay on the floor with someone and play for a while, then fall asleep with his head laying on an arm or leg of the person near him. He also likes to collect toys and drag around towels and a small reversible rug we have.

Lucas is a little smaller than the other boys, close to the size of our females and is kind of a baby. He cries when something upsets him, like barking dogs when we go walking. When he is in the backyard relaxing, he likes to do a kind of summersault then wiggle around on his back. He likes to be around people. He is only two so he still acts like a puppy when active, but also enjoys lots of relaxing.

Lucas loves his evening walks and the kids really seem to like him when we stop and let them pet the greyhounds. There have been no accidents for several weeks now, so he is free to roam the house. He sleeps on a dog bed at night in the bedroom next to the other greys. He stays in his crate when we are not home.

Lucas's Foster Mom
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