Wish Wish

Wish, aka Kansas Wish, is a 2 year old, born on May 2, 2004. Along with her sister Violet, Wish is the offspring of sire, Fortified Rush, and dam, Skiddy Velocity. And just like her sister, Wish turned up her nose at racing and retired after competing in six maiden races. Wish's intriguing eyes and dark mask are exotic reminders of her Egyptian heritage. In another lifetime Wish would have surrounded herself with pharaohs and queens, so when she recently bruised her tail with a case of 'happy tail', it was only fitting that she be dressed in a royal purple bandage. A happy girl she is, and the only thing on her wish list is a forever home and family. Wish is not cat or small animal tolerant.


Wish is such a beautiful girl, with the exotic look you could imagine hundreds and hundreds of years ago. Her personality is equally as charming--this girl knows how to play! She is in a home with many other pooches and loves to play and play and play...don't get me wrong, though--she loves to lounge, too! She adores her humans so don't be surprised if she follows you around from room to room. She crates during the day for 5-6 hours at a time, but I wouldn't push it much more. It would be nice if someone could come home to let her out at lunchtime. She sleeps quietly on a dog bed in her foster parents' room and never makes a peep. Wish would make a wonderful addition to any household wanting to add onto a canine pack, but please, no small animals or cats.

Wish's Foster Mom

Wish Wish

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