Sugarbee Sugarbee

Sugarbee, aka Tyville Sugarbee, is a 7½-year-old, red brindle female, born January 21, 2002. Sugarbee raced a little over 2 years, finishing in 62 races as she climbed the ranks to grade AA. Life at the top was brief and Sugarbee retired in February 2006 from Valley Park, Harlingen. She was then adopted, and lived in a home with Freddy for several years. However, they were both returned due to circumstances caused by these economic times. She is a sweet, loving girl. Sugarbee is cat tolerant.


This quiet, calm lady lives up to her name; she is sweeter than a honking big ice cream sundae with whipped cream on top!  She can be a little shy when you first meet her, but just scratch her ears or rub her belly and she’ll be eating out of your hand in no time – especially if you’ve got a TREAT in that hand!  With a name like Sugarbee, she lives for treats -- and she figured out right away where they were stashed in our home.  She always comes running when her “treat radar” is on high alert!

Once you’ve passed Sugarbee’s friend test, she will smile at you and follow you everywhere.  Hint:  She LOVES being told how pretty she is!  Sugarbee rides like a champ in the car and goes in her crate easily.  She sleeps through the night without any problems and has excellent house manners – no chewing, counter surfing, etc. 

We recommend crating this sweet girl if you will be leaving her for longer than 2-3 hours.  She gets a little nervous if her humans are gone too long.  This minor anxiety may pass as she gets more comfortable in your home.  Sugarbee may not be suited for apartment living, because she sometimes barks when we are leaving or returning home.  A firm “NO!” usually calms her down right away.

Sugarbee totally ignores our cats and is also small dog tolerant.  She just wants to be where her PEOPLE are!  This lovely lady gets along famously with her foster sister and does AWESOME on walks.  She never pulls or wanders, just stays right there with you. 

This is one wonderful, sweet girl who just wants to be loved – by someone like YOU!

Sugarbee's Foster Mom
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