Sarah, fka Sarah Laroo, is a 1 1/2 year old white with red female born on September 8, 2019. Her sire is Boc’s Blastoff and her dam is Bob’s Certified. She has no races on record in Grey-hound data and came to GALT with her sisters, Emma, Cat, and La Roo. Sarah is quite petite and is a little comedian. She will be tested with cats and small animals soon.

Sarah is a petite red and white female with rabbit soft fur who is loving the foster dog life! She is always happy, always wagging her tail and always looking for fun.

Sarah is a quick learner: dog beds, dog door and toys came naturally to her. She loves her people to the extreme: she will follow you from room to room, and will get overly excited to see you even if you leave the house (or disappear into the garage or front yard) for even a moment. She is also overly brilliant and has figured out how to open a baby gate (that was not properly installed), so her foster mom had to tighten all the baby gates!

We are working on her separation anxiety so she now knows she is not being abandoned. Sarah still gets concerned when her people leave but no longer thinks they will disappear forever if we go into another room! The sweet girl gets very vocal when she hears the garage door. She knows that's where the car is, and has figured out that means we might be going away for a while.

Sarah is food motivated, eats at least 2 cups of dry chow twice a day and will eat any treat you give her. She has learned that everydoggy will get treats so she eats her nummies when other dogs are around. Sarah LOVES all the dogs she meets! She recently made friends with a 14 pound Maltese and they are adorable together. She loves her pit mix brother and all people she sees.

Although she does enjoy a couch, she knows to stay off beds, and to use the dog door. She is very cat-like, loves to sleep in a roach position, and is always up for any treats or rides or walkies. She loves to sunbathe and gives little, delicate kisses.

Due to her separation anxiety/barking, apartment life is not in the cards for Sarah. Her ideal home should have plenty of people to love on, other canine companions and possibly a dog door. Sarah will make a wonderful life-long companion for a family who wants to have their very own little shadow! Are you ready to be the center of her universe and have100% pure love in your life?

Sarah's Foster Mom