Emma, fka Emma Laroo, is a 1 1/2 year old white with brindle female born on September 8, 2019. Her sire is Boc’s Blastoff and her dam is Bob’s Certified. She has no races on record in Greyhound data and came to GALT with her sisters, La Roo, Cat, and Sarah. Emma is quite petite and is a little comedian. She should not live with cats.

Emma is not only gorgeous, she's also very sweet and playful. She is great with other hounds and even tries to play with the old ones in my house. She loves playing with all the toys and takes them outside through the dog door to throw them in the yard. We have had no issues with her getting potty trained and only recently have we left the dog door open for everyone to use since the days have cooled off.

Emma eats her meal and only goes on cleanup duty once everydoggy else has left their bowls. She is kenneled during the day when no one's home and goes in her crate easily with a treat.

Emma is still very puppy-ish and has chewed on a few things that we neglected to put away....and she found them! She may discover your shoes if they're left unattended.

Emma isn't very vocal and may be fine as an only dog as long as she has plenty of toys to keep her occupied. She should not live with kitties, they are a bit too enticing.

Emma's Foster Family

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