Sansa is an estimated 1.5 year old black with white female staghound. Sansa was found with Bran as a stray and came to GALT via Ft. Worth Animal Care & Control. This cute fuzzy little girl is undergoing medical evaluation. Sansa should not live with cats at this time. She has not yet been evaluated small animals. It is speculated that Bran and Sansa are siblings. Because of this only one DNA test was performed. See the results of Sansa's DNA test here.

Sansa rates high on the ‘cuteness’ scale. With her big brown eyes and ‘wagging’ body when she sees you, it’s hard to resist her winning personality & scruffy face. She’s sweet, lovable and energetic. She can be exuberant on a leash but quickly settles down and wants to please. She knows the commands of sit and down, rides well in the car and wants to be around both people and other hounds. She’s been living with a Scottish Deerhound and Irish Wolfhound. She leads the pack in chase, exhibits no fear of large dogs, and is eager to meet other dogs or make new human friends when given the opportunity. The toy basket contents are emptied daily and constantly travel around the house. Outside, she’ll fetch and enjoys the yard with endless sticks. Her sight hound instincts kick in if there is a potential squirrel in the area.

Still young, she explores and sometimes pushes the limits, so it’s a good idea to hide shoes and remote controls. A sensitive soul, she responds easily to corrections. Sansa is very smart. She knows what a dog bed is but prefers a leather overstuffed chair or couch if allowed. She will come to get you if she needs to go out and reminds you occasionally to take breaks for playtime. She exhibits slight separation anxiety if she’s left alone or not the ‘chosen one’ for a walk or ride in the car. She’s always ready to go and can be vocal about it or work on doorknob to follow you. A casual eater, she doesn’t beg or look for treats. Attention in the form of a gentle caress or a cuddle is what she most desires.

Sansa’s ideal home should be an active one with other energetic dogs, no kitties, and plenty of toys! She has been wonderful to foster and will be a true joy for the right family.

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