Ribbon Ribbon

Ribbon is a 7½-year-old, silver brindle female born May 2002, and was registered as the “A” pup in the litter. Her registration number is still being deciphered. Ribbon, like Fellah, was a stray taken to the Bastrop, TX, animal shelter. When she arrived she was heartworm positive. Treatment for her heartworms was successful, and Ribbon is now heartworm negative and has completed all her medical procedures. Ribbon is not cat tolerant and has not been tested with small animal yet.

One look at this beautiful girl and you'll see how she got her name - she's striped with dark and light ribbons of color! Ribbon's eyes and ears are extremely expressive. But that's not the only way she communicates - she's also a talker when she wants some attention or her meal.

Ribbon is an enthusiastic eater. In fact, she'll help her four-legged siblings finish their food if you don't keep an eye on her. Ribbon would be happy to help herself to any two-legged people food lying around as well. She soon had us trained to clear edibles off the countertops before leaving for the day! She's gotten better about surfing those counters, but it's good to avoid the temptation.

Ribbon had to remain calm during her heartworm treatments, so she's very accustomed to being crated. But now that she's kicked those pesky parasites, she loves her walks almost as much as she loves food! She plays well with other dogs. She sometimes "herds" our male lab by gently placing his huge head in her mouth so that she can point him in the right direction - it's a funny sight since his head is easily twice the size of hers. 

She's house trained and knows how to use a dog door - no accidents for this smart girl! She knows to steer clear of the swimming pool in the back yard. Ribbon is extremely affectionate - and can't get enough petting and scritches behind the ears. She's very social and loves to meet new people. Come get acquainted with this special girl soon!

Ribbon's Foster Parents
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