Fellah Fellah

Fellah is a 4-year-old, handsome, white and fawn male greyhound born March 2006. His NGA registration number has been double tattooed, so his true identity will never be known. Fellah was found as a stray and taken to the Bastrop, TX, animal shelter. One of GALT’s volunteers in Austin was contacted by an acquaintance, Maggie, who volunteers at the Bastrop shelter, reporting Fellah’s location at the shelter. Fellah was heartworm positive when he arrived into GALT’s family the first week of April 2009. His treatment was under the care of Dr. Ron Stried of VCA Tanglewood Animal Hospital in Austin. Fellah finally tested negative to heartworms on September 25, 2009, so he is on the hunt for his forever home! Fellah is not cat tolerant, but is small dog tolerant.

This boy is one happy-go-lucky Fellah! And he's quite articulate, so we thought we would just take it easy and let HIM tell you all about himself...


Well, I've had quite a nice life since my wonderful foster mom took me into her home and helped me get through all my medical treatments. But now I'm ready for my FOREVER home, and I'd love for that home to be with YOU!

Mom says I'm an easy boy who can get along with anybody - canine or human. I have really enjoyed living and playing with her other doggies during the day while she's at work - but I prefer staying close to HER when she gets home! Cats are another matter, however. I didn't do too well when I was "tested" with them recently, so it's probably best that I stick with dogs and people.

A few days ago, I took off on an adventure with my new foster mom, who drove me all the way from Austin to Carrollton. I impressed her immediately with my calm demeanor on that 4-hour car ride. I slept a little in the back seat, but a lot of the time, I just rested my chin on the console of her car, so she could pet me while I kept her company and listened to the music with her. She stopped a couple of times on the way home to make sure my bladder was "comfortable" - and I performed right on cue each time.


When we got to Carrollton, I was greeted by Hondo and Julie. I was so glad to see them, since I've really enjoyed the other Greys I lived with in Austin. Hondo and Julie showed me the Pee-and-Poop spot outside right away - and, again, I performed on both counts!

My new foster home was a little hard to figure out at first, because I couldn't find the doggie door! Apparently, not every home has that wonderful invention, so I had to learn quickly how to let my new humans know when it was time for an outing. My favorite thing is to take a nice long walk with Hondo and Julie. They're really good at showing me where to find the most rabbits and squirrels in the neighborhood! I also love my stuffies - especially the ones that squeak. I can entertain myself for hours, throwing my toys up in the air, catching them and then just starting all over again!

Mom says I'm a little vain, because I like to spend a lot of time checking out my bad self in the mirror. But, hey - when you're as good looking as I am, it's hard to avoid spending a few minutes admiring that Adonis in the mirror! She also says I'm a good "backer-upper!" When I find myself in a tight space, I just throw myself into "reverse." Mom says she can almost hear a beep-beep warning signal when I pull that trick!

I don't counter surf, and I only jumped up on the sofa once in my new foster home. I got right back down as soon as I was informed that was a "no-no". I don't mind spending a little time in my crate as long as one of my human or doggie pals is around to keep me company. I have a healthy appetite, and I'm not at all picky about my food. I am very adaptable and can feel comfortable anywhere; I'm sure that I could adjust immediately to any home with lots of love. Mom says I'm her "bull in the china shop" - bumping into people and other dogs a little when I get excited. But it's just hard to hold in all this enthusiasm and zest for life. I'm a fun-loving guy who can't wait to bump into YOU!

Fellah's Foster Mom
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