Rachael is one of 9 greyhounds GALT received from a Fort Worth Animal Control cruelty case. She is a sweet, approximately 3-year-old girl. Rachel gets along well with her foster siblings, but she has yet to be small dog tested or cat tested. Her indominable spirit is thrilling to watch since she came from such a horrible place. Just like the other rescued dogs, she is positive to babesia as well as ehrlichia at extremely high titers and has a huge load of intestinal parasites. She is receiving treatment for all.

UPDATE 7/26/10

Unfortunately Rachel’s recovery is not progressing as we’d like, so her care has been transferred to the specialists at the Animal Diagnostic Clinic in Plano. The ADC shares a building with the Emergency Animal Hospital of Collin County, so she is able to be under 24-hour care.

She and Martin are both presenting much of the same symptoms, and their care is relatively the same as well. Chest x-rays are clear, which is good, but we’re still awaiting the result of bloodwork that went out today. She is being given IV fluids and IV broad-spectrum antibiotics in hopes of treating the probable upper respiratory infection she is currently fighting.

UPDATE 7/29/10

Rachel died this morning at 6:45 of a massive seizure. Test results are expected back today that should give a diagnosis. Martin is in very critical condition, and Pudge has been moved to the Animal Diagnostic Clinic under the care of Dr. Doug Bronstad.

UPDATE 8/2/10

PCR testing was received which confirmed Dr. Doug Bronstad’s diagnosis of distemper.

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