Odessa is an estimated 5 year old female red brindle and white greyhound. She was surrendered to Dallas Animal Services by her owner along with Hana because one of them "killed the rooster". Odessa should not live with cats.

Odessa is a fun and playful girl with a lot of energy. Based on her looks and personality, we expect she's part saluki. Not sure what her DNA says though she definitely likes to spend a lot of time in the backyard looking for critters. She will go outside with or without the pack, so she might be good as an only dog.

Odessa loves everyone though her favorite pastime is eating. She cleans out all the food bowls several times a day like we're starving her, and I promise that is not the case! We have to keep her from picking up socks and shoes which she seems to think are toys - obviously because they're on the floor too!

Odessa's leash manners are improving with each walk. She crates well when we're out - just toss in treats and a toy and she'll be happy until someone comes home. This beautiful girl has a high prey drive and should not live with cats or small dogs. While she isn't very vocal, apartment living may be a bit challenging with other little dogs in the common areas.

Odessa's Foster Parents