Natalie Natalie

Natalie is a stunning red-fawn female greyhound with a black mask and white chest blaze, thought to be about 2 years old. Natalie and Cindy were found as strays in south Fort Worth, scavenging in garbage cans at a residence. As with so many strays, Natalie was heartworm positive. She has completed her treatment and is now heartworm negative! It is not known at this time if Natalie is small animal or cat tolerant.

Ms. Natalie is a small female, tan with white chest and toes, black face, dark eyes. A very pretty girl. She is at a perfect weight right now, and needs not to gain nor lose any weight! She has a very lean and muscular, athletic build.

In the house, she stays off the furniture, but will put her feet on your chair to get your attention for petting. She learns quickly, and will go to her mat when you sit down at the table for dinner. When she is let out of her crate she needs to be petted immediately, as she is soooo excited, she will jump for your attention. She can hardly contain her happiness to see you home again. Her whole being tells you “I AM SO HAPPY!”


On her walks, she likes to explore and does a lot of sniffing. She is getting better about not pulling, but we think she does it because she wants to be in the front. She does like to mark and show all the other neighborhood dogs where she has been. She is a strong young lady who knows what she wants.

She has not been around children, but she does like people, and is very friendly. She has not been small-animal tested, but she is good with other larger dogs. Natalie likes her crate, which is located in the living room. She will spend time in there alone even when others are in other parts of the home. She is crated during the day, when no people are in the house, and does just fine with this arrangement. It is obvious that Natalie looks at the crate as her safe place. At night she sleeps on her mat on the floor in the main bedroom and stays there until the next morning when her people wake up.

Natalie is a good eater. Foster mom mixes canned food with her kibble, and she likes green beans and green peas. She also likes her food warmed up in the microwave for 30 seconds, and will lay down patiently watching for the microwave door to open. She gets a dog biscuit when she is left in the crate, and chews on a few rawhide bones.

She will nap just about anywhere even on the bare floor, unlike most Greys, who like a comfy mat or blanket. Natalie will sleep on her back in the crate, which of course is very cute. When she is crated at night she waits patiently and quietly until her caregiver gets up to let her out.


Little Natalie is a very low-key dog, and she really likes being groomed. When she gets tired of it, she will walk away. She can get her baths with the garden hose, and doesn’t pull away, but of course, a bath tub is greyt too.

Car rides are something we are still working on and she will try to get in on her own when urged. She still needs a little boost every once in a while though, and she definitely needs help getting up in a SUV as that is still too high. The actual riding in the car is no problem. To date, toys do not excite her yet; she just isn’t particularly interested in them. She loves those rawhides though! The good news here is that she doesn’t mind sharing her rawhide.

Her general demeanor is very friendly and affectionate; she even looks like she is smiling at you, which is adorable. Although she seemed to adjust quickly, it was more than a month before she relaxed to the point of sleeping on her back.

When left home alone, she cries a little, but settles down within a few minutes. She isn’t a big talker, hardly barks at all…. although she does “roo”.

Natalie is one of those dogs that everybody loves. You just cannot help it. She is a very friendly, affectionate girl with an easy going, happy go lucky personality. Her sweet face with the unusual dark coloring around her muzzle makes her look very endearing. Sweet, charming, loving and affectionate, that is Natalie in a nut shell.

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