Lucy is an estimated 6-7 year old red fawn female turned into Alvarado Animal Control as an owner surrender. She and Desi arrived together from an elderly owner. Lucy was infested with ticks and fleas, and her skin shows the neglect from the previous owner. Lucy is receiving medicated baths several times a week in an effort to soothe her flea and tick bitten skin. Thankfully, unlike Desi, Lucy is heartworm negative. It is obvious she has had multiple litters of puppies. Lucy is not considered to be small animal or cat tolerant.

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Sometimes a dog is just so cute that you can’t help but feel your heart sigh every time you look at her. That dog is Lucy. Lucy is part saluki which accounts for her adorable floppy ears, one of which is missing a sizeable chunk which makes her more endearing. Lucy is shy, especially around men and all newcomers. She is gaining confidence and her personality is gradually emerging. While she has recently discovered the joy of squeaky toys, her most favorite activity is outdoors hunting squirrels. Lucy talks to them in the apparent belief that they will come for a closer visit. Don’t let that innocent face fool you though, she is one very determined little girl. She is also very food motivated. She’ll gladly eat anything and relishes every treat. Amazingly her body requires very small amounts of food to maintain her weight. She is, as they say, cheap to keep. Lucy is a bit frightened, so new things, new people, new noises are scary for her. She does enjoy her walks, even if some things do startle her. With a little patience on your part, she’ll soon be asking you for pets and love and then more pets and more love. After a hard first few years of her life, she is coming out of her shell, trusting more, and thoroughly enjoying the rewards of being an adorable companion. With her heightened prey drive, Lucy should not live with cats or small animals. Lucy’s ideal home should have a nice backyard so she can keep you safe from rabbits and squirrels.

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