Lady Lady

Lady, aka GLB's Johnnie, is an almost 3 year old beautiful red brindle female, born March 26, 2001. Lady's sire is GLB's Helper and her dam is KD's Sassy Lady. Lady's racing career began October 20, 2002 at Gulf Greyhound Park and ended on September 19, 2003 at the Corpus Christi track. She was turned into Tri Cities Shelter with Nelson, Hunter, and Duncan. It is not known at this time if Lady is cat tolerant.

Well, I cannot think of a name that is more appropriate. This little girl is a true Lady in every aspect of the name. She is very sweet and gentle. At first sight, she comes off as being soft spoken (if one can describe a dog that way) and quiet, but once you get to know her, she is a hoot, and turns into this silly, happy, bouncy creature of a Greyhound.

Her coat is spectacular. People pet her, and invariably they will say "oh my, she is so soft, almost unreal." It's true. She is. Like a soft cuddly bear. Her coloring makes her look like a tiger, but what she mostly resembles is a doe. Her long nose and black whiskers, with great big almond-shaped eyes, make her truly beautiful. She moves like a doe too, very graceful. When she runs, it looks like she flies. I can stand and just watch her.

She LOVES her crate. We kept the door closed only for the first few days, and she didn't mind, but as she is so well behaved, we have been keeping the door open ever since. There is just no need to lock her up. The only time we might regret that is at 4:15 AM when she decides that this is great time to play with a toy that squeaks! Usually, when there is no response, she realizes that - "gosh, I guess nobody wants to play with me, I'll just go back to my house, and sleep a bit longer." She sleeps and hangs out in the crate whenever she feels like it.

She will not leave my side. She is a true "Velcro" dog, but in a very non obtrusive way, she is just there. (e.g. while emptying the dryer, when brushing my teeth, I feel this wet nose on my hand, my arm, my neck, letting me know that she is in fact there. Just ever so careful…)


She has had no accidents in the house. However, the doggy door was a mystery. I had to climb through it quite a few times before, one night, she decided she could do it on her own. Since then, the doggie door is just another thing she has conquered. She loves to go for walks, and also there she is careful, keeps an eye on me, to be sure everything is ok. She greets all people and dogs that pass by with big wags of the tail as well as with a couple of bouncy steps; they look like a happy dance.

She didn't care much about toys at first, didn't seem as she knew what to do with them. Well, that was short lived. Now, she empties the toy box (a not insignificant toy box) every day. Her favorite toy is the big furry ball. She carries it around the house at all hours of the day. She finds toys that her fellow doggie room mates have discarded long ago, and she is just as happy. As long as she gets to collect them on her bed or in her crate, as she is a pack rat of enormous proportions. As soon as we miss a sock, a shoe, a dog collar, anything! Go look in Lady's bed, odds are it is there. Never chewed on, just brought "home." In fact, she hasn't chewed up a thing, other than rawhides, which she loves.

Lady is very playful, and plays well with both the greyhound and smaller dogs. She shares toys without a gruff. Again, she is the constant lady. She seems to be doing wonderful with kids as well. She is super social and seems happiest with other dogs and/or people around.

She minds very well, and a "no" is all she needs to stop any unwanted behavior. She is very sensitive to tone of voice. With six dogs in the household, sometimes I have to yell… but have had to adjust that, as it was obvious that Lady instantly became uncomfortable. Lady is very cuddly, and wants to be touched and hugged as often as possible, preferably all the time.

She has visited the dog park, and did spectacular with all the other dogs. She is still not 100% sure about the car, although she happily jumps up when it is time for a ride, but she is only happy if she can look out the whole time…

Lady came to us skinny and shy, and we have seen her blossom into this wonderful, sweet, social, playful and happy girl. Again, we are baffled by the wonderful nature of the Greyhound. What a fantastic addition to anybody looking for a companion.

Lady - a very special girl, our house sure will be empty without her. And gosh, how sorely she will be missed!

Lady's Foster Mom
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