Hunter is a striking 2-year-old red brindle male, born February 2002. Hunter's registration tattoo is illegible, so his history is untraceable. He was turned into Tri Cities Shelter with Lady, Nelson, and Duncan. It appears that Hunter is small animal and cat trainable.

Hayden is a GREYT houseguest! You would NEVER know that he is only two years old. He is definitely a "people person." He loves his humans most of all. I have never been around a hound that loves all the hugs and kisses he can possibly get. He just can't get enough. I LOVE IT!


Hunter lives up to his name! He's curious about everything - sniffing all around, checking things out as if hunting for something interesting. Squeaky toys are usually his "prey" but occasionally he'll steal something like a slipper or sock on the floor and dashes away. Doesn't chew them - just collects them. On his walks, his ears stand straight up, right together - a pretty humorous sight but he's just very alert as if "hunting". He has beautiful lion-like eyes, exotically slanted, and the absolutely softest coat with beautiful markings. He's good around strangers and little kids - a very outgoing guy. He also gets along well with our male grey and female mutt. Hunter doesn't "love" his crate but does go in it without fuss. He probably doesn't like it because he would rather be in the same room with us. He's not clingy - just companionable. Still working on leash-training, at which he's doing so much better, and he's about 98% house-broken. Never gets on the furniture. Although there's no way to tell if he ever raced due to his double tattoos, he's a winner in our book - a sweet, calm, lovable boy who will make a wonderful addition to some lucky family's household.

Hunter's Foster Family
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