Kelly Kelly

Kelly is an approximately 3-year-old, light white and fawn female. Kelly is not tattooed so her age is estimated. She arrived with 4 other greyhounds – Davis, Nick, Joy and Noel - on December 16, 2009, from a coyote hunter in Amarillo. GALT was told that Kelly and Davis are siblings from the same parents that were registered with the National Greyhound Association. Kelly is a sweet, loving girl.

Kelly's cat test: Kelly is considered cat tolerant. Omar (the cat) greeted her at the door, but Kelly was taking in the big picture...the house. Omar continued to escort her and she finally paused to check him out. She gave him a long sniff and thorough inspection and that was it. She continued to explore the house and the cat was able to roam the house with her unscathed.

If you want a sweet Kelly Kiss, you’ll just have to adopt Miss Kelly. This beautiful girl loves to be close to you, will gladly give you kisses, adores her long walks, delights in her meals, and will make you laugh out loud with her puppy-like antics. Even after a long morning walk, Kelly returns to play with her toys. She tosses them into the air, then becomes airborne herself as she leaps after them.


Once she has engaged in a little puppy-like play, she is ready, like most 3 year old greyhounds, for a day long siesta. She’ll gladly follow you from room to room, preferring to be as close to you as possible. Kelly sleeps through the night, but is ready to go when you are.

She loves her snacks and treats, and relishes chewing on bones or cow hooves or any other good for her teeth treat.

The woman who picked up Kelly from the coyote hunter noted that Kelly took up more room in her car than the other 4 dogs combined. This is SO true of Kelly. While she can curl up greyhound style, she prefers to lie on her back, as spread out as possible, often falling off the dog bed. If she happens not to be on her back, she’ll gladly roll over for an offered tummy rub. She relishes attention.

Kelly learned to use the doggy door by following her greyhound sister. Actually, if you don’t want Kelly to learn something, you’d best be sure your other dog(s) have all desirable behaviors. She’s quite the quick, imitator of a learner.

Did we mention that Kelly is gorgeous too? She arrived with a heavy outdoor coat, but has nearly given up that fluff for sleek white and fawn greyhound attire. This is definitely a beautiful girl, full of fun and love.

Kelly's Foster Parents
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