Kale is part of GALT's third family. He was born to Zinnia on July 19, 2007. First pictures taken at approximately 6 weeks old.

Kale is a precious little black boy with the cutest ears that fold in half when he is curious or hears a new noise! Kale has a little white goatee that gives him lots of character and compliments his white chest, and white toes! He also has a precious, innocent little face! In between play sessions and napping sessions, Kale is quite a love bug. He enjoys getting petted and a good tummy rub, and then he is off again to play. Kale has learned the word "treat" and has also learned to sit for a treat. What a smart boy!

Kale is doing well in the crate during the day while I am at work. He knows that he gets a treat for going in and for a treat he will do almost anything! Kale, like his sister Clover, is learning about Kongs and the good things he finds in them, and will lay down and work on one for quite a long time – a long time for a puppy, that is! He loves to play and chase his sister, Clover, and then can be found napping right next to her when they are done. Kale is continuously amazed at all the fun things that Clover finds to do and play with – although not always appropriate "toys"! Kale likes to explore and learn about all the new things in the yard and the house. He responds well to his name and will usually come to me when I call him. Kale is a typical puppy with a very short attention span and will require constant supervision and attention. To learn more about adopting a greyhound puppy from others who have, please visit this link.

Kale's Foster Mom
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