Jessenia, aka Jessenia Bale, is an Australian born fawn female born July 12, 2009. Her sire is Bartrim Bale and her dam is Serene Bale. Jessenia has only 5 races to her credit on, all in Australia. On November 30, 2015, she had a litter of 7 pups, including GALT's own Buddy. This sweet girl has done it all and is ready to find her forever home. Jessenia is small dog tolerant. However, tt is not known at this time if she is small animal or cat tolerant.

Jessenia is a happy dog from Down Under, a senior girl who is loving life! That’s right, she was born, bred and raced in Australia. She came to live in America about 5 years ago and was a brood who whelped 9 puppies. Don’t let her age fool you! At 10 years old, Jess squeezes the most fun she can get out of each and every day. She is toy CRAZY - any kind of toy! She steals them from the other dogs too; her bed is filled with everybody’s toys. Even if she has one in her mouth and you toss a new one to another dog, she will drop hers and go for the other one. If you want one of those rare greyhounds that fetches toys, Jessenia is your girl.

She jumps into every puddle she comes by like it’s the last puddle she will ever see. She may even like a kiddie pool of her very own! Jessenia is the same with treats; they please her immensely and fortunately she waits her turn as treats are passed out. There is no limit to how long she will stand near you while you are scratching or petting her. I think her trainer in Australia might have driven a motorcycle because she clearly gets excited when she hears one near the house.

Like most of my hounds, Jessenia is no fan of storms. She hides in the closet when they come near. So far, she pulls on the leash when walking, and I have found that with some practice, almost every greyhound can learn to walk on a leash well. We haven’t cat tested her yet though she seems to have a high prey drive.

Meet and Greets can overstimulate Jessenia and she does not show her fun, playful personality in that setting, so don’t be put off if you see her in person. If you are interested in her, your adoption coordinator can make arrangements to meet individually somewhere so you can see what a wonderful dog Jessenia is. She travels VERY well and settles down quickly.

Wouldn’t it be greyt to say G’Day to your new mate, the beautiful fawn lady with the Australian accent in her bark!

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