Isabella is a 1 1/2 year old black and white female born May 18, 2020. Her sire is DJay’s Oc-tane and her dam is Bob’s certified. Isabella came to GALT with her sister, Crystal. She never raced. Isabella will be tested with cats and small animals soon.

Do you love to giggle at a dog's antics? Do you need more exercise bending? Do you like to take long walks? Isabella is available to help with all those desires!

This girl awakes full of energy and playfulness, grabbing a toy and bounding through the house. She'll stop long enough to eat breakfast and then want to run and play immediately after eating. She collects toys from all the toy boxes, making it possible for you to get your stretching accomplished several times daily by restoring all the toys to the toy boxes. Mostly she collects toys and bones; she'll also toss them and chase anything you toss. She loves a good game of tug o war and will gladly chase balls in the yard as long as you get your exercise by retrieving them. She walks 1-2 miles daily and would probably do very well walking 3 miles on a regular basis. At present she's still full of happy energy after her walks.

Burning all those calories means that she is very warm blooded - so no adorable coats for Isabella. Since you won't be able to dress her, she will save you money on her wardrobe budget!

Right now Isabella derives confidence from walking with other dogs. When left alone, she is a bit noisy, and eventually settles down. A long lasting chew would help curb her anxiety.

All in all, Isabella is a loving companion, and always wants to be wherever you are. This is one seriously full of energy happy girl.

Isabella's Foster Family

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