Crystal is a 1 1/2 year old black and white female born May 18, 2020. Her sire is DJay’s Oc-tane and her dam is Bob’s certified. Crystal came to GALT with her litter mate, Isabella. She never raced. Crystal should not live with cats, but is small dog tolerant.

An absolute bundle of joy, Crystal is the happiest little girl we’ve ever had! She has so much personality in everything she does and has adjusted to home life so quickly! She’s a total dog bed hog and will hoard all the stuffies in the house. No matter how many times we put everything away in the toy bin, she will slowly pull it all back out and continually move things between the bedroom and family room. She’s not picky about toys, and is equally happy running around with a toy herself or playing with our retriever mix in the backyard! She’d be happiest with a yard as she does like to get a lot of energy out bouncing around, and after that, she is the best roacher snoozing on her dog bed in the home office or family room! (She has been caught sleeping with half of her tongue flopped out from time to time)

She is very food motivated and loves her meal times. She has a little self control around our whippet’s food bowl and will sneak in from time to time to take a bite and immediately scamper out of the room with a mouthful once we’ve caught her. (It’s pretty cute)

She has been sleeping in our room with our dogs at night without any problems. And she will wake you up at 7:30 on the dot to go potty and alert you of breakfast time! When we leave the house she has been excellent in her crate. She’s also very good on a leash. We walk her with a chest harness and she barely pulls, mostly just keeping in line with our pack. She is guilty of a little counter surfing, and is slowly learning to keep all four paws on the ground!

Crystal has been the sweetest girl, never showing the slightest sign of aggression. She’s a little timid and can be skiddish with new people and new sounds around the house. She tends to warm up quickly when she sees they mean no harm. I think she would be happiest with another dog around. She loves to be part of the action and will be the cutest, happiest little Velcro dog you’ve ever seen! ❤️

Crystal's Foster Parents

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