Isabella Isabella

Isabella is a beautiful, approximately 2 to 2 ½ year old, light fawn female. Because she is not tattooed, her history is a mystery. Isabella, along with Sasha were found together as strays by the North Texas Humane Society in July 2008. Isabella has been brought into the GALT family and is now ready to look for her forever home.

Isabella’s cat test: Isabella had a short cat test. She was curious but then looked away. She responded to a correction but still whimpered about the cat. She never lost her curiosity for the cat. I know indoor/outdoor cats are night and day, but as we were leaving, Nigel went out with us. When Nigel got tired of her probing, he darted off to other ground. That’s when Isabella really showed her potential. She darted off after the cat HARD and kept straining against the leash. I just had a feeling she had it in her and never let her off the leash in the house. It’s best she not go to a home with kitties, and whoever adopts her needs to keep a good grip on her leash at all times when walking through the neighborhood. We will test her with small dogs later and may cat test her again after she gets into a foster home.

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