GALT could not exist without the generosity of its supporters – YOU. Many of you have asked "why does GALT get so many greyhounds that require costly medical attention" either found running loose or from shelters? With the shelter greys, some are found as strays and others are owner surrenders where it seems the dogs are dumped in an irresponsible manner. This appears to be the case with Diamond Jack, Diamond Jim, Topaz and Daddy Duke. Texas has a "good ole boy" network that holds "match races" – an illegal form of legalized racing – and there seems to be an endless supply of greyhounds in need, ones from back yard breeders, as well as those whose racing careers are over.

In the case of Daddy Duke and his offspring, GALT asked the Ft. Worth Animal Control authorities to investigate their source, and here is the story:

Diamond Jack & Diamond Jim

Daddy Duke was owned by a man whose sister called FWAC to take the greyhounds, as her brother had left the state. Because she was in ill health, she could not care for them. She told FWAC that her brother had Daddy Duke since he was a puppy, and he was the only survivor in that litter. Her brother acquired "Lady" who was bred to Daddy Duke and had puppies. Lady was stolen from the back yard when the puppies were small and was never seen again. A few of the puppies were given away, and the rest went to vaccinations, of course, were acknowledged. And the rest you know – Diamond Jack and Diamond Jim succumbed to distemper while Topaz survived. Daddy Duke is heartworm positive and arrived with a severe respiratory infection as well.

Irresponsibility in the animal ownership arena has no discrimination – all breeds suffer from it, including our beloved greyhounds. Because of GALT's mission to assist greyhounds in need, it will continue to do this, with the firm conviction that the greyhounds are the ones being helped, not the negligent owners.

For those of you who believe as GALT does, a most sincere THANK YOU!

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