Diamond Jack is a cute, approximately 4-month-old, white and black male greyhound. Diamond Jack and Topaz were turned into the Ft. Worth Animal Control. When the Ft. Worth Animal Control Officer went to pick them up, there were two adult greyhounds. The ACO was told they may be the parents. Diamond Jack is named, of course, for the diamond on his forehead.

What started out as kennel cough has now escalated. Jack is a very, very sick puppy with pneumonia. He is receiving 24-hour supportive care at this time. Please keep Jack in your thoughts for a positive recovery.

They might not need me-
yet they might-
I'll let my Heart be just in sight;
a smile as small as mine might be
precisely their necessity.

Emily Dickinson

UPDATE 5/30/08

Dr. Christy Soileau has referred Diamond Jack to Dr. Kelly Nitsche of the Animal Diagnostic Clinic. Jack is one sick, sick puppy. Dr. Nitsche is doing a medical evaluation, and Jack is receiving 24-hour support for critical care. Please consider sending a donation for Jack. Your thoughtfulness is greytly appreciated.

UPDATE 6/2/08

Diamond Jack's condition is pretty much status quo from Saturday. PCR tests for distemper hopefully will be back by tomorrow. He is being fed intravenously, and a little by mouth. He has lost some weight. Please continue to keep this precious boy in your positive thoughts.

UPDATE 6/5/08

Diamond Jack and Diamond Jim are now GALT's latest little angels, running and playing, pain free, at the Rainbow Bridge. The lethal disease, distemper, took both their precious lives.

Many of you have sent donations to help with their care, which is deeply, deeply appreciated. Their required 24-hour care has been costly during this past week, amounting to more than $4000. It is because of the generosity of GALT's greyhound community of supporters that any greyhound in need can be helped.

Please consider making a donation in memory of these little angels. Other greyhounds in need will be helped by honoring the memory of Diamond Jack and Diamond Jim.

The Story of Daddy Duke, Diamond Jack, Diamond Jim & Topaz

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