Hawk is one of Merlot's 7 pups, born on June 26th. He is a black and tan boy. They were found in an abandoned dog house in Ft. Worth by FWACC, and GALT was called in immediately to take custody of this precious family, our seventh. Merlot appears to be a saluki/greyhound mix; the father's lineage is unknown, but DNA testing is being done. Merlot, being quite ill, had to be separated from the puppies, and they were put in foster care to be bottle fed. They are now eating solid food and thriving!

Hawk was named by a GALT supported who would prefer to remain anonymous. Formerly the "grey ribbon" boy, she named him Hawk for being a vocal little guy.

Raconteur's DNA results are back - momma Merlot is a greyhound/saluki mix and his daddy was an Australian Shepherd mix.

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