Merlot and her 7 pups, born on June 26th, were found in an abandoned dog house in Ft. Worth by FWACC, and GALT was called in immediately to take custody of this precious family, our seventh. Merlot appears to be a saluki/greyhound mix who is approximately 2 years old; the father's lineage is unknown. Unfortunately, Merlot was covered in engorged ticks plus seed ticks and is running a very high fever after giving birth to these 7 plus 3 stillborn pups. She is spending the weekend at the 24 hour emergency clinic to get the care that she so desperately needs. Rest assured, the pups are in the care of loving, devoted GALT volunteers who are working diligently to get them started on the right foot. There are 4 boys and 3 girls and they will be bottle fed until they can eat solid food.

The current estimate for Merlot's weekend care is over $4,000. She is receiving both intravenous fluids and antibiotics and is being closely monitored by the clinic staff.

GALT depends on your kindness and compassion to continue to do its work of no grey turned away. Please help us help Merlot with her immediate care and her precious pups. No amount is too small.

Merlot should not live with cats, but she does very well with small dogs.

Puppy Pictures

UPDATE 6/29/13

Merlot's fever has gone down a bit. Her fecal test came back showing a heavy load of intestinal parasites. She is receiving fluids and antibiotics and is monitored 24-hours a day at the emergency clinic.

UPDATE 7/1/13

Merlot's temperature is now normal. She was discharged from the 24 hour critical care emergency clinic to her foster home in the late afternoon. Merlot is taking three different antibiotics plus medicine to get rid of her intestinal parasites. Dr. Ellis examined her and bloodwork has been sent off for her Protatek tick test. She is very thin and weighs in at only 49 pounds. She still has some nasal discharge but it is now clear. Dr. Ellis is monitoring her for all behavior and medical changes, as he feels she needs to be closely observed for slow and steady progress. Merlot is heartworm negative.

UPDATE 7/22/13

Merlot is positive to Ehrlichia Canis and her treatment has started. It will be six weeks of medication and treatments.

UPDATE 8/5/13

Because Merlot continued to have a menacing vaginal discharge, Dr. Ellis and Dr. Soileau both recommended she be spayed as soon as possible. The surgery was performed on August 4th, and pyometra was confirmed. Merlot is recovering in her foster home and continues her treatment for Ehrlichia Canis.

UPDATE 10/9/13

Merlot has been successfully treated for Ehrlichia Canis, and she is ready to find her forever home!

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