Harry, fka Hands On Harry, is a 3 year old red male born on June 28, 2018. His sire is SH Avatar and his dam is Hartbroke Hazel. Harry is brother to GALT’s Haddy. According to Greyhound Data, he has 27 races. Harry is undergoing intake and medical procedures and will be tested for cat and small animal tolerance soon.

Harry is a three-year-old male seeking a fun forever family who wants a super sweet happy-go-lucky hound. Harry would most like to have one (maybe two) other medium to large dog friends, a yard, and someone to give him lots of affection.

Turn offs: small creatures that he cannot chase when dinner is over or when breakfast is over.

Turn ons: tennis balls and food! All toys are greyt, but tennis balls take the cake for Harry, in fact, he should be supervised while playing with them as this is the one type of toy he has repeatedly destroyed in his foster home. If you need to motivate Harry, food or a tennis ball will do the trick. With some more practice, Harry is going to be a rare “fetching” greyhound.

Best attributes – speaking of fetching, Harry is so photogenic! He is among the most beautiful hounds with amazing markings, permanent eyeliner and is super soft! Harry loves affection - ear scritches and pets are always welcome. He is a security guard – Harry will scan the perimeter of the yard and out the windows to ensure the home is safe from intruders; he isn’t into sounding the alarm (he hasn’t barked much at all in his foster home), he just tracks suspects very intently. Harry hasn’t had any issues with house training; although, his signal to want to go out can be as subtle as standing by the door when he needs to go potty. He is a great sleeper and doesn’t stir until the pack mates start to move around. Harry hasn’t had any issues going out during recent storms and the 4th of July fireworks didn’t scare him – he just perks up that something is going on.

Less-best attributes – Harry is an excellent eater and taker of medicine, but he eats too fast and is working on not stealing from other bowls; so, segregating during feeding during his transition to a new home is needed. His foster family is working on it, however Harry is a counter and surface surfer so his best forever home should not be cluttered. Harry is perfect on leash walks . . . until small prey like a rabbit crosses his path . . . then hold on! Harry may take a while to build up to long periods alone without humans around. His foster family has left him alone for about two hours at a time – he has paced for about 15 minutes and then laid down to nap (as seen on foster cams). Harry is prone to FOMO (fear of missing out), if he’s awake, he needs to be where you are; if his humans have the nerve to work in the yard without inviting him out as well (due to the heat), he gets agitated.

After just a few weeks, Harry has the retired racer's life down pat and is very chill for his age though he still has a lot of young hound fun. He didn’t show any interest in crating, so his foster family is not using one. Harry is a little ironically named at the moment as he currently has a bit of a bald bottom; Harry is also fighting hookworms and needs to continue to gain weight and remain on hookworm treatment until January 2022 and on a prescription food for another couple of months.

Harry's Foster Family

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