Haddy, fka Hands Off Haddy, is a 3 year old brindle female born on June 28, 2018. Her sire is SH Avatar and her dam is Hartbroke Hazel. Haddy is sister to GALT’s Harry. According to Greyhound Data, she has 26 races. Haddy is undergoing intake and medical procedures. Haddy is cat tolerant.

Haddy is a sweet young girl who is just as happy being outside soaking up the rays by herself or pestering her foster brothers into chasing and zooming. When outside, she is as happy on her bed on the ground. Not just on the concrete but on the river rocks when there are more than enough comfortable dog beds. One of her favorite outdoor activities is brushing. She loves all brushes: soft, firm, curry. When I stop to brush the other dogs, she will follow and insert herself between the other dog and the brush.

She is learning to walk on the leash and currently stops many times along the way to observe rabbits, squirrels, children, other dogs, and sheep. She watches but does not lunge and has been good at being redirected. She is still shy around strangers (on walks) however she is not at all shy with humans who enter the house, be they friends or repair people.

Haddy lives with two cats and spends most of the working day in a room where the cats rest. She'll watch them go by and has only ever displayed curiosity. She will, however, get cranky with them when they walk over her crate or jump on it suddenly, yet she won't pursue. She just lets them know that was uncool of them. Haddy is a sleep startler, so her family (people and pets) need to make sure she's awake first. We make sure dog beds aren't touching so no paws poke and wake her.

While Haddy loves her little foster brother, she could be an only-dog in a home where people are not gone too long. She will whine if she knows you're inside and can't see you. She wants to be near the human, especially since there's a chance to be brushed. She is learning to sit on command. She does a nice sit...just on her own...when she wants to.

She is in her crate for sleeping. When given the opportunity to sleep outside the crate, she takes herself into it, so for now that is her place to sleep. She is also in a crate for eating and that is because her house-mate is a food vacuum. She eats her food, just not faster than the food vacuum. She'll whine to let you know she is done and ready to be released. The only other time she is in a crate is when the humans leave. She is a chewer. She'll chew her toys and she sometimes finds human things to chew.

Haddy will pace and whine to let you know she wants to go out. She even once stopped herself coming back into the house to return to the garden for one quick pee before going inside. She has shown no fear of thunder and even pees in the rain.

She is quiet in the car, though she's not thrilled with the ride. She'll squat down (not like down) for the duration, and her longest rides have been <20 minutes. She has not been in the car long enough to (maybe) get used to the ride. That said, she does not pace, whine, or vomit. She just hunkers down.

Haddy's Foster Mom