Guy Guy

Guy, aka Quiet Guy, is a 3 ½-year-old red fawn male born November 2, 2003. His sire is WW Time Warp and his dam is Poutin Prouty. Guy has 77 races to his career record starting July 11, 2005 at Southland in West Memphis, Arkansas, and finishing December 9, 2006 at Valley Race Park in Harlingen. In fact, he finished last in his final race and Hondo was the winner! Guy figured out sooner than Hondo that retirement was the life for him! Guy is living with a small dog, but his life with cats has not been determined at this time.

Guy came to us directly from Assistance Dog Training. He is 3½ years old, very sweet and laid back, and will be the perfect companion in his new home as his house manners are impeccable. He gets along well with our small Chihuahua and the other three Greyhounds in the house. His potty habits are excellent and he prefers a nice comfy spot of his own to any bed or couch the humans may have. He likes to go outside but hasn't shown any interest in the toys yet.


He sleeps in our room at night on his pillow at the foot of the bed next to one of his siblings. He loves his bed and prefers to move it over a little as he doesn't like to share his space. Guy is frightened of storms (why he could not continue in assistance dog training) and will always move to the closest bathroom, rearrange the rugs to his liking, and shut the door behind him. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all house quests were that considerate.

He has the cutest cropped tail and loves attention. He meets me at the door every day when I get home and nuzzles up to me as if to say, "Hello, so glad you are home." His appetite is good. He eats Lamb & Rice twice a day with the other hounds. He is not a counter surfer, but you don't want to tempt him with meat left unattended. He loves his tasty doggy treat when his bowl is clean.

Guy hasn't been tested around cats but has shown no aggression toward the cats outside when they come to the door to eat and check out what is going on inside.

Quiet Guy may just be your Guy.

Guy's Foster Family
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