Hondo Hondo

Hondo, aka Watch Your Mouth, is a handsome 5-year-old black male born September 4, 2002. His sire is Galena and his dam is the Irish-bred Glowing Gem. Hondo arrived with the 43 greyhounds on Easter Sunday 2007 when Valley Race Park closed for the season. Hondo shows 125 races to his credit starting April 3, 2005 at Victoryland in Alabama and finishing at Valley Race Park in Harlingen on March 28, 2007. After this career run, Hondo is ready to find his forever couch.

Hondo did not pass his cat test. He was very intent on getting the kitty, and even after the cats were put away in another room, he kept searching for them for a while. Hondo is not cat trainable.

Hondo is a pleasure. He is smart, well behaved, and adores tummy rubs. He is my first foster to figure out how to open the back door when he is ready to come in from a romp in the yard. He was hesitant at first, but now loves to play with squeaky toys. He is picky about treats, cautiously sniffing them and sometimes turning up his nose, but is learning how good they can be, especially greenie biscuits and pig ears.

Hondo is a handsome black male with four white paws and a white-tipped tail. He is very much a gentleman and likes the ladies. He patiently waits his turn, unless he thinks it's taking too long, then he noses in. He likes to play with and is very protective of his foster sister, Rain, trying to comfort her during thunderstorms. Hondo inhales his food, but quickly learned he had his own food and water and could not share his foster sister's when he finished. He shows an extreme interest in small dogs, cats, and small prey. He doesn't care much for other male dogs. He does seem to like small children when we are out, but has not been around them on a regular basis.


Hondo is very eager to please his human and definitely tails me into the tightest places. Speaking of tails, Hondo's knows how to wag his. In fact, "Mr. Whip It" would be a more appropriate name for him, he has such a powerful wag he could have been a singing drummer. Hondo is an early riser and sings to me every morning with that tail beating on the closet door like a tom-tom when it's time to get up and let him out. He wags for food, wags when playing, wags for petting, and wags just to be wagging. When I pick up the leash or leave and come back, you'd better be standing at least ten feet behind him.

Hondo, like most greys, loves to quietly nap for hours curled up on one of his big soft beds. However, he perks right up, with stiffened ears, tail up, and with a fierce voice lets me know when someone or something comes into the yard or approaches the house. He would do well in a home with other female greyhounds and probably children, but this would have to be tested.

Hondo is a joy and is waiting patiently for his forever home.

Hondo's Foster Mom
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