Gabe, aka Rapido Gabe, is a cute, almost 5-year-old black male born June 2, 2000. He is the offspring of Splishin Vallie and Rapido Gerty. Gabe's racing career spanned 112 races starting April 5, 2002 in Corpus Christi, going to Multnomath and ending his career with a broken hock at Valley Race Park in Harlingen in February 2004. His leg was put in a cast by the racing kennel, but it did not heal properly.

Surgery was performed on Gabe on August 12, 2004, by Dr. Scott Bertrand of the Dallas Veterinary Surgery Center, and he was released from Dr. Bertrand's care on November 1, 2004. Gabe was in a home for several months, but it was not to be his forever home. Gabe is considered to be cat trainable and is also good with small dogs.

To describe Gabe best would be to say that he is a very easy-going, laid-back boy who loves to take walks, which is a good thing because he also loves to eat. He gets along really well with other dogs, large and small. He also likes to lounge in the "shade" in the backyard. When he's had enough, he is able to communicate his wishes to come in. Oh, and Gabe's other favorite thing is resting in the most comfy place he can find. He likes that a lot and spends lots of time in this mode.

Gabe recovered from surgery on his leg last year, and when pronounced fit as a fiddle he went to a new home where he was very unhappy with his confinement. It appears he cannot be crated. However, he has always behaved at my house without having to be crated. He can be left alone for long periods of time without a problem.

So, if you are looking for a beautiful, sweet boy with an easy-going spirit, who needs a couple of bowls of food twice a day, maybe a walk or two and will be really happy just to chill with you - Gabe is your man.

Gabe's Foster Mom
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