Frank is a one year old, white/fawn, male greyhound born May 4, 2019. His sire is Deco Archi Lee and his dam is Tiger Girl. Frank, Blaze, and Sammy are all littermates. Frank's right front leg is the result of a birth defect. He does not appear to be in any discomfort, and it certainly does not slow this boy down. Frank is currently on medication for seizures, which, at this time, occur occasionally. Frank is cat safe.

Frank, or “Frankie”, as we have nicknamed him, is a super sweet kind-hearted 1 year old. In many ways (mostly good ones) he is still very much a puppy. Frank absolutely loves to play with toys and has zero issue sharing his toys with his other 4-legged housemates. Due to his age when unsupervised for extended periods he may break the rules so currently, kenneling him while you are away is recommended. He kennels with one or two prompts, but he will loudly tell you how much he would rather go with you until he is sure you’re gone.

Frankie has a unique right front leg, he is cautious with his leg and tends to hold it up a lot, but we have been assured this is not an issue and does not bother him. He will however use it to trick you, or any other unsuspecting 2 or 4 leggers, to get sympathy. Despite his leg abnormality, Frank can jump high, and when I say high, I mean like 7 or 8 feet straight up from a standing position! Thankfully, he has never tried to jump our inner 4 ft fence.

He loves to go on car rides and look out the windows or try to share your drink when you’re not looking. Frankie’s favorite thing of all time is food, any type, shape, flavor, or amount he loves it all, he is very food driven. Due to his love of food, he sometimes cannot resist trying to perfect his table and counter surfing skills.

Like all young pups Frank is quite active but he also loves to snuggle up to sleep and he sleeps through the night. He truly is a sweet, sweet boy. Frank does have to take two pills daily to keep the seizures away, but they are inexpensive, and he takes them with his meals, which makes it easy.

Frankie would love a home with other dogs or someone who is home most of the time because he clearly doesn't like being alone. He’s good with kids and cats. His forever home should have a backyard so he can release his puppy energy and play. Frankie is fine with stairs, does very well on a leash; he loves to go on walks, so long walks are no issue. Frankie will certainly melt your heart as he has ours.

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